Sewer Line Repair Minneapolis & St. Paul

Professional Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Cracked sewer pipes can be more than an expensive repair. Cracked sewer pipes can cause property damage that could be costly. Triple E Water and Sewer is the sewer pipe repair experts. We offer emergency services for Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding the metro area.

Our team at Triple E Water and Sewer will come out to your property, assess your sewer pipe situation, and determine which of the following methods can repair your sewer pipe.

  • Pipe Sleeving: We will retrofit new pipes within your old pipes. This will create a brand new sewer line that will last for years.
  • CIPP: Cured in place piping will line a new sewer line within your old sewer without digging up your property. The trenchless repair offers long-lasting protection and improved performance of your sewer.
  • Bursting: Triple E Water and Sewer will pull a new sewer pipe through the old pipe. This method uses hydraulics to break apart the sewer line and replace it with a new sewer line.
  • Traditional Excavation: Minimally invasive excavation without damaging your property.

Is It Time For A Sewer Line Replacement?

Triple E Water and Sewer will provide you a free online estimate, and explain your options. We will work with your budget and suggest a line replacement solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Emergency Sewer Line Repair

If you need an emergency sewer line repair, our expert team of professionals are ready and available around the clock. Our technicians will start with a thorough inspection to diagnose the source of the problem. Once we determine the scope of the repairs needed, we will review your options based on your immediate needs and budget.

Commercial Sewer Line Repair

Triple E Water & Sewer understands that your business is your livelihood. Shutting down for days on end to repair the sewer line unfeasible and you don’t want to have to resort to costly construction. Triple E utilizes modern techniques that allow for minimally invasive repair methods for your commercial sewer line repair. After a thorough inspection, our team of trusted professionals will recommend the best plan of action based on your company’s needs and budget.

We Offer Financing!

Break up the cost of your service into easy monthly payments. It takes just a minute to see your options, and checking eligibility won’t impact your credit score. Learn more about our financing options through Wisetack.


You can count on Triple E Water and Sewer to be open and honest about which type of service is best for you.